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Nattuvelicham Charities & Rural Development Center:

          Mr. Prathapan is a sincere social worker located in Alappuzha district of Kerala. He has fully devoted his time and life for the sake of the poor, illiterate and common man. An exceptionally different man of extra vigor and enthusiasm he plugged into the words and deeds of Late Sri. P.N. Panicker. His slogans “Read and Grow”, “Literacy the Gateway to Development” all fell into the ears of Prathapan when he was at this twenties and continuing till date without any interruption.

          Prathapan is popularly known in his place as Nattuvelicham Prathapan and his ambassador car as the moving library of the land. Nattuvelicham was a monthly wall poster published by SRC Kerala since 1978. Prathapan disseminated the messages of Nattuvelicham in the nook and corner of his district and thus obtained the name.

          The morning of Prathapan starts with the storage of a variety of books collecte by himself at his own risk in his car, searching for passengers. When a passenger gets into his car the moves to the direction to which passenger wants to go. On the way he stops the car on the footsteps of houses on the way and distribute needy books for house dwellers and receive the books, already given a week ago. The double process, the passenger’s destination and distribution of books, continues without any disturbace to both.

          Once in a week, Prathapan visits the neighboring schools and distribute books to students and also extend counseling service to them. The school authorities are perfectly satisfied with Prathapan in his selfless service. This has created an atmosphere of reading habit among the students. In other words, the teachers of the schools are invariably influenced by him and lend books from Prathapan.

          During leisure time, Prathapan used to discuss with neighbors and all sorts of people regarding the ticklish issues of the locality as well as issues prevent in the district. Even Local politicians, social activists, educationists, farmers, unemployed youth, all join hands with him either for discussion or finding solutions to their problems. This has helped a lot to the local self-govt. agencies to speed up the development activities.

          Prathapan, on every alternate days spares his time for the sake of spreading the message on anti-dowry marriage and social evils viz alcoholism, the women atrocities, gender equality etc… Prathapan has the support of the local public, irrespective of educated, rich & poor, employed & unemployed and politicians as well as administrators for the sake of enriching the activities.

          He organized Neethimelas with the Cooperation of People Council for Social Justice. A series of cases were settled out of court especially family disputes. He could conduct several awareness camps benefitting the rural peoples. Labour Education Camps with the assistance of Govt. of India were conducted. These camps were helped the Labourers to know about their rights and responsibilities.

          Moreover, regarding the short coming of the area, he discusses with his well wishers and find out solutions and adequate steps are being taken for its realization. It might be issues related with the Primary Health centre, Water Pollution, Opening of Govt. Medical Store, or other remarkable initiatives. Each and every person of the village have an easy access with Prathapan and his services are utilized for the realisations of their dreams.

          Three decads of committed and selfess service necessarily invited a number awards to Prathapan.